Looking for specialist chocolate making and pastry utensils? Cocoa Black’s professional equipment will give you superb results. All of our utensils are easy to use and have been tested by our pastry chefs at the Cocoa Black Chocolate & Pastry School. Perfect for professionals, or anyone passionate about pastry work or making chocolates at home.

This chocolate dipping fork is ideal for making dipped chocolates at home.


These chocolate mould scrapers will help you achieve professional results when moulding chocolates.

From £14.00

Passionate about making chocolate truffles? This chocolate truffle scoop is ideal for home use.


Add patterns and texture to your chocolate work with this professional chocolate comb.


Apply intricate patterns, finishes and decorations to your pastry creations with this star tube kit.


For pastry enthusiasts, this piping bag holder will prove an invaluable aid in the kitchen.


The insider’s secret that will help you to create wafer-thin chocolate decorations.


Passionate about pastry work? These cake frames are the perfect choice for the baking enthusiast.

From £10.00