Chocolate Flying Scotsman

Ruth spearheads nationwide campaign promoting the new £294M Borders Railway.

Ruth’s Chocolate Flying Scotsman was so famous, it even got a mention in the Scottish Parliament. A chocolate first? We think so! But then, it’s not every day the UK gets to celebrate a brand new railway.

The long-awaited Borders Railway has brought new life into the region by reconnecting the Borders towns with Edinburgh. It cost £294m to build, and was opened by Her Majesty the Queen in September 2015.

To mark the occasion, Ruth was commissioned to design a chocolate showpiece that would capture hearts and headlines in the weeks leading up to the official opening. Her idea? A 1:17 scale model of the world famous Flying Scotsman train, made entirely of chocolate.

The showpiece used over 75kg of chocolate, and took Ruth and her team of chocolatiers over 400 hours to design and build. The video showing the Making of the Chocolate Flying Scotsman attracted over 20,000 views in the first day.

The finished showpiece was proudly displayed at Edinburgh’s Waverley Station before an international press gallery awaiting the arrival of Her Majesty the Queen, and the story was widely reported by the BBC, ITV and national radio.

It’s estimated that the Chocolate Flying Scotsman was seen by over 30,000 members of the public, many visiting Waverley Station after watching the film online. The Scottish Parliament later passed a motion congratulating Ruth on the success of her campaign.

We thought the Chocolate Flying Scotsman could go big. We’d no idea it would go as big as it did!

Ruth Hinks