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Bean to Bar Milk Chocolate Masterclass with Olivier Nicod

Thu 8 Feb 2018 | 09:00 - Fri 9 Feb 2018 | 17:00


Learn how to make your own milk chocolate from the cocoa bean.
This course builds upon the skills taught in Bean to Bar Level 1. It focuses upon the recipes and processes required to make a range of beautiful milk chocolates. The course also explores the equipment needed to scale up production. Participants receive a signed certificate.

What skills will you learn?
• Sorting and cleaning cocoa beans (with consideration of commercial equipment)
• Roasting cocoa beans
• Winnowing of cocoa nibs and shells (with consideration of commercial equipment)
• Grinding of cocoa nibs into cocoa mass
• Understanding and identification of milk powders and their impact upon chocolate flavours
• Pressing cocoa mass into cocoa butter and cocoa powder
• Addition of soy lecithin and other ingredients
• Refining and conching your chocolate (with consideration of commercial equipment)
• Chocolate tempering techniques (with consideration of commercial equipment)
• Tasting your chocolate and recognising how to rectify common mistakes

Who’s the bean to bar course suitable for?
The bean to bar course has been designed for anyone seeking a practical introduction to making milk chocolate from the bean.  Participants typically have an interest in manufacturing their own chocolate, either as a hobby or to create a chocolate that differentiates from mass produced brands.

About Olivier Nicod
Olivier has over 25 years experience in the chocolate industry. His knowledge and passion for chocolate production have given him unique insights into how to regulate and adjust the bean to bar process to achieve the optimum balance of flavour, stability and shelf-life.

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Class location

1-3 Cuddybridge

Peebles, Scottish Borders EH45 8HX United Kingdom
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