Golden ticket campaign generates national news for launch of £294M Borders Railway

Magical golden ticket campaign sees 25,000 chocolate bars raise over £20,000 for Cash For Kids.

For most children, Charlie Bucket’s chocolate bar golden ticket is just a dream, but for a tiny handful of Borders children, Ruth helped the dream come true! Ruth’s golden ticket campaign was part of a commission to help raise public awareness of the new Borders Railway, and generate national news in the weeks leading up to its official opening.

Cocoa Black made 25,000 specially branded chocolate bars, which were given to every pupil in 72 schools in the Scottish Borders. One chocolate bar in each school hid a secret golden ticket – a pass for the lucky winner to ride on the very first Borders train!

The chocolate bars were given out at specially held school assemblies, where the pupils and teachers discussed the importance of the Borders Railway. Ruth also attended her own children’s school assembly, where she was met by several familiar characters from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.

ITV news and local radio stations quickly got behind the campaign, with daily updates and live radio interviews with the golden ticket winners. Most of the daily papers picked up the campaign, and it was widely shared on social media.

Ruth went to Edinburgh’s Waverley Station to meet the golden ticket holders off the train, fresh in from its first trip on the new line. Cue lots of celebratory photos!

The campaign sponsors, Scottish Borders Council, were delighted with the public reaction, and the way the golden ticket fired the imaginations of every child and family in the Scottish Borders.

It’s a huge privilege being part of this historic moment. Good luck to everyone on finding a golden ticket.

Ruth Hinks