Arrival at the chocolate school

The Chocolate & Pastry School is easy to find in the centre of Peebles, in standalone premises on the right of the Parish Church at the end of the High Street. The school is right above the Cocoa Black chocolate boutique, with its own side entrance. Greenside Car Park is right behind the building, you can also often park on the street.

Once inside the school, you’ll go up some stairs, and past the famous chocolate hippos wallowing in their mud bath of cocoa beans – a small nod to Ruth’s South African origins!

Your tutor will give you a warm welcome and a hot drink, and there’s a lounge next to the classroom where you can leave any valuables, browse recipe books, and meet your fellow classmates.

During Your class

On arrival, you’ll be given an apron and all the equipment and ingredients needed for your class. We usually weigh the ingredients in advance, to help you make the most of your time with us.

Depending on the class, you’ll usually work in pairs, closely supervised by your class tutor. It’s important to us that everyone feels at ease, whatever their skill level. If you find any technique confusing, or need more guidance with any aspect of the class, please let our tutors know – we’re there to help!

Each class usually has 2-3 staff members present, to help it run smoothly. If you’re lucky, Kenny will be on duty, helping with the washing up. He’s a firm favourite with our regulars, and renowned for his entertaining stories and occasional bursts of song.

We’re happy for you to take photos during your class, and share them on social media.

If you’re attending a Ruth Hinks Masterclass, or a class given by an international guest chef tutor, we’ll provide lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

after Your class

At the end of your class, you take away your recipes, and everything you’ve made during your time with us. We supply a selection of packaging including ballotins and cake boxes so that you get your creations home safely.

You can also buy equipment and ingredients used in our courses at the school shop. We find that many of our students meet new friends through our courses, and enjoy keeping in touch afterwards. If you’re attending a masterclass, there’s also usually a chance to go for drinks or dinner in Peebles with your fellow classmates.

If you’re attending a Ruth Hinks masterclass or international guest chef class, you’ll receive a certificate at the end of the course.

Next steps

Many of our students discover a passion on their first visit to the school, and want to develop their skills further.

The Chocolate School offers over 20 courses that teach the key skills needed to work confidently with chocolate and pastry.

How quickly you learn is up to you. Whether you’re simply looking for a fun day out, or want to set up your own business, we have a course to suit you.