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Award winning chocolates by UK World Chocolate Master, Ruth Hinks.

From £14.00

Order elegant chocolate wedding favours from the UK Confectioner of the Year.

From £3.00

Indulge in our delicious range of chocolate-covered spices, nuts and fruit.

From £6.00

Enjoy Ruth's selection of the world's finest single origin, filled and flavoured chocolate bars.

From £3.00

Cakes & Patisserie

Order a personalised chocolate cake from the 'UK World Chocolate Master'.

From £20.00

Planning a dinner party or afternoon tea? Treat your guests to our freshly prepared patisserie.

From £10.00

Equipment & Ingredients

Passionate about chocolate making? Order polycarbonate chocolate moulds online.

From £16.00

Bring artistry to your chocolates, desserts and patisserie with our professional chocolate transfers.

From £2.55

Browse our chocolate making and baking utensils.  Buy professional utensils for use at home.

From £10.00

Add flavour to your chocolate and pastry creations with our specialist cooking chocolate.

From £3.50

Order beautiful decorations and make your chocolate and pastry creations twice as tempting!

From £2.65

Create moulded shapes that can be turned out quickly and easily, with no need for scraping.

From £9.00


A collection of mouthwatering and delicious chocolate recipes from masters of the art of chocolate.